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Tutorial 6 - Improved Visuals


This tutorial will cover changing the node icons, changing the background, and changing or hiding links.


Below is the list of files used for this tutorial.

  • drone.png - icon for a drone
  • - a mobility script for a node
  • terrain.png - a background
  • completed-scenario.xml - the scenario after making all changes below

Running this Tutorial

This section will cover running this sample tutorial that develops a scenario file.

  • Ensure that /etc/core/core.conf has grpcaddress set to
  • Make sure the core-daemon is running in a terminal
    sudop core-daemon
  • In another terminal run the GUI

Changing Node Icons

  • Create three MDR nodes

  • Double click on each node for configuration, click the icon and set it to use the drone.png image

  • Use Session -> Options and set Control Network 0 to

Linking Nodes to WLAN

  • Add a WLAN Node
  • Link the three prior MDR nodes to the WLAN node

  • Click play to start the scenario

  • Observe wireless links being created

  • Click stop to end the scenario

  • Right click the WLAN node and select Edit -> Hide
  • Now you can view the nodes in isolation

Changing Canvas Background

  • Click Canvas -> Wallpaper to set the background to terrain.png

  • Click play to start the scenario again

  • You now have a scenario with drone icons, terrain background, links displayed and hidden WLAN node

Adding Mobility

  • Open and play the completed-scenario.xml
  • Double click on n1 and run the script
    # node id is first parameter, second is total nodes
    /opt/core/venv/bin/python 1 3
  • Let it run to see the link break as the node 1 drone approches the right side

  • Repeat for other nodes, double click on n2 and n3 and run the script

    # n2
    /opt/core/venv/bin/python 2 3
    # n3
    /opt/core/venv/bin/python 3 3

  • You can turn off wireless links via View -> Wireless Links
  • Observe nodes moving in parallel tracks, when the far right is reached, the node will move down and then move to the left. When the far left is reached, the drone will move down and then move to the right.